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Yancheng Fengli Abrasives Tools.,Ltd

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About Us

Yancheng Sharp Abrasives Co., Ltd. has been a professional manufacturer of various abrasive tools since 1998. Our main products are emery cloth rolls, abrasive belts, louvers, velcro stickers, emery cloth sponges, sheet sandpaper, fiber discs, cutting sheets, etc.

Our strength is reflected in our modern technology and processes, strict quality control, competitive prices and on-time delivery, which are also factors that further recognize us after winning major contracts for supply in domestic and foreign markets. We maintain our unpretentious goal of excellence and are committed to the harmony between people and the environment. We firmly believe in leading by science and technology, keeping up with the pulse of the market, and constantly exploring the market.

Main Markets

  • Asia
  • Eastern Europe
  • North America
  • South America
  • Western Europe

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Yancheng Fengli Abrasives Tools.,Ltd

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200K - 500K

Sales volume (USD)

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Business type
  • Industry / Manufacturer

  • Louvers
  • abrasive belts
  • sandpaper sheets
  • shale sandpaper
  • impellers with handles
  • kilovane wheels
  • steel paper grinding blades
  • cutting blades
  • woodworking saw blades
  • diamond saw blades
  • Ver Mais

Contact and location
  • icone de usuario Zhikang Wang
  • icone de telefone +86 xxxxxxxx
  • map-marker 盐城市 / 江苏省 | China
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