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Structured international promotion for companies in the main sectors of the B2Mexico

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How Export More Works

An Affordable Sector Plan for SMEs to Excel in the Global Market

Many Brazilian products have high demand in the international market and significant visibility on B2Mexico. Recognizing that a customized international strategy often comes with prohibitive costs for SMEs, we have developed the Export More Plan. This plan allows a limited number of companies in the same category to be promoted collectively, benefiting from exclusive advantages on our portal.

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Our Sectors

We dedicate our focus and expertise to sectors with vast export potential. Join our Export More Plan and expand your business horizons.

    What are the benefits of the Export More plan?

    Customized Profile

    Customized profile with personalized banner, translated and reviewed in 04 languages.

    The banner is standard and the translation is automatic

    Access to Leads

    Unlimited access to Leads

    Only 3 credits to try the platform


    Company promotion on the sector page

    They are not promoted on the sector pages

    Media Campaign

    Digital media campaigns of the segment through our partner Google

    You do not have campaigns

    Market Analysis

    Export market analysis for the sector

    You do not have access to statistics

    Product Promotion

    Promote up to 50 products and include 05 images for each published product

    You have 05 products with 01 image each

    Verified Seal

    Verified company seal gives you greater credibility

    No seal makes it difficult to initiate business with clients

    Customized Support

    Personalized support with training to optimize your online promotion.

    Online support without an account manager.

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      Through B2Mexico, we receive contacts from buyers interested in our products and Private Label service daily. We believe that the plan offers great cost-effectiveness and is delivering results. We closed an export to Canada for $8,000 and another to Aruba for $3,000. We also have other ongoing negotiations. I can confirm that the B2Mexico platform delivers results.

      Base Ativa (E+)

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      With B2Mexico, I managed to start the export process, one to Mexico and another to Venezuela. Whenever I needed assistance, my manager Larissa provided excellent support. I was pleasantly surprised by the results and am very satisfied with the service I contracted.

      Mais Mar (E+)

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      The platform is very intuitive, easy to use, and easy to grasp. In 2019, we closed many deals through B2Mexico, with companies from Chile, Peru, South Africa, the USA, Bolivia, France, Angola, and also from Brazil. Approximately 90% of the deals were with international companies. We had very successful months using the platform, and it was one of the reasons we started exporting.

      Amorelie Lingerie (E+)

      Join the Export More Plan!

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      Export More Plan

      Expand Your Market Reach

      Initial Payment + US$166,59/month

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