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B2Mexico's main goal is to facilitate contact between companies, connecting importers and exporters from various parts of the world, making your experience safe and simple. In all transactions, whether as an importer or exporter, you will need to make decisions to get a good return on your business.

Now, you will find some safety tips and resources that can help make your experience on B2Mexico protected and secure.

Take Precautions

Some basic precautions are essential to avoid online frauds and scams, such as conducting a brief research on your potential business partner. Research their references on the internet, gather data, and even check reviews from other customers, significantly reducing the chances of making a bad deal.

If the foreign company doesn't have an official website, Google reviews, or any similar registration like a business ID, be cautious and look for other options!

Information and Verifications

To make B2Mexico an increasingly secure environment for our users, we provide as much information as possible about registered companies, in addition to verification through our B2B Verified service.

You can also obtain additional information about our customers by purchasing a credit and business report from B2Mexico.

We strive to provide transparency about the identity and legitimacy of your future business partners. However, you should understand that disputes can happen between legitimate companies, and it's a fact of the business world, whether you find your business partner on the internet or not. Therefore, B2Mexico cannot guarantee the quality of the products supplied or services provided by each of its customers. See additional details in B2BRAZIL'S DISCLAIMER¹ (SEE BELOW).

If You Suspect Fraud...

There are several actions you can take if you suspect fraud from a party or have a serious disagreement:

Contact the company and arrange a virtual or in-person meeting: in general, this resolves the situation. Most buyers and sellers are honest and reliable, and problems can be solved in a meeting, where communication is much smoother.

If you suspect that the company you are in contact with is a fraud, we recommend informing our team so that we can take appropriate action.

Contact us if you have any suspicions of misuse of our website by any registered company so that we can review the customer's account status and take the necessary action.

Click here and describe the situation.

Safety Tips

You can take various actions to avoid fraud or misunderstandings during your international transactions. Check out some of our tips:

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    Investigate Your Partner

    Before closing a deal, you should verify the credentials of the potential company. We verify some of our customers through our 'B2B Verified' service, where we ensure if the company is legally registered in their country and confirm the contact information. You can also acquire credits and detailed business information about American companies through B2Mexico.

    It's always advisable to contact the potential partner by phone before exchanging goods, money, or contracts. Likewise, whenever possible, you can meet your business partner in person, visit their company's facilities, and even hire this service.

    Although the Internet provides various information about companies, enabling an initial evaluation, nothing replaces face-to-face contact. If you want B2Mexico to schedule a meeting with this potential business partner, just contact us.

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    Prepare a Clear Contract

    Proposing a written agreement between you and your potential partner is the only way to ensure that both parties are 'on the same page.' You should prepare a definitive contract with the obligations of each party.

    Depending on the type and value of the contract, it's worth seeking competent legal advice.

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    Protect Yourself When Ordering or Providing Samples

    As a buyer, before confirming a purchase, make sure the product meets your expectations. As a seller, before sending the sample, request payment for it and/or payment for shipping costs, especially if your product has a high resale value.

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    Protect Yourself Against Payment Risk

    • Não é prudente para um vendedor concordar em aceitar pagamento de um comprador do exterior depois que ele receba os produtos. Uma vez que um comprador tenha recebido as amostras ou produtos sem pagamento, é muito difícil que sejam devolvidos. Se você for um vendedor e não negocia com seu comprador há muito tempo, evite vender seus produtos em conta aberta (neste caso você estará estendendo o crédito para seu comprador). Em vez disso, você deve solicitar que seu #page-insti #tools-switcher .uk-switchercomprador abra uma carta de crédito, o método de pagamento preferido no comércio internacional.

      Porém, se existir alguma suspeita de fraude devido a documentos de remessa incorretos, contate o banco emissor da carta de crédito. Não deixe de verificar o número de carta de crédito, a data de abertura, o local de abertura, o nome e endereço do banco emissor, a data da remessa, a data válida, o porto de carregamento e descarregamento, o requerente, o período de apresentação, a quantia, como também os detalhes do transbordo, da remessa parcial, etc.

    • Não é prudente aceitar o pagamento antecipado de alguma importação, sendo esse um alerta de fraude. Porém, às vezes um fornecedor pode solicitar um depósito (em geral 30%) antes de aceitar a ordem. Embora isso não seja incomum entre parceiros comerciais de longa data, se você estiver negociando pela primeira vez com o fornecedor, certifique-se de ter feito investigações suficientes sobre o seu histórico antes de aceitar o depósito, ou solicite uma forma diferente de pagamento, como a carta de crédito.

      Se o vendedor parecer mais concentrado no pagamento do que em qualquer outra questão, ou indicar que o pagamento em dinheiro deve ser feito urgentemente, deve-se ter mais cautela com a transação. Seja bastante cauteloso quando o vendedor solicitar o envio de dinheiro para uma conta cujo verdadeiro dono não pode ser localizado.

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    B2Mexico Disclaimer

    The information that appears on our website about B2Mexico's clients or their products (including, but not limited to, company name, contact person and details, product description and specifications, photographs, videos, etc.) is provided by the clients.

    Any such information is the sole responsibility of the client who provided it. B2Mexico is not responsible for, or subject to, the accuracy, correctness, legality, or truthfulness of any such information. Additionally, when using or providing information on our website, B2Mexico is not responsible for the conduct of any of our clients regarding their business activities.

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    Use Inspection Services Before Shipment

    If you are a buyer, you can protect yourself against unsatisfactory quality by requesting an inspection before the products are shipped. You can require the inspection as a condition for payment.

Safety Tips

Suspicious Shipping or Contact Addresses

Pay close attention to shipping or contact addresses located in regions with reported high incidences of online fraud, such as Eastern Europe, West Africa, and Central America.

Beware of Fake Email Addresses

When you receive an email from an unknown sender or whose email address appears legitimate but the email message seems suspicious, you should verify if the email came from the person the sender claims to be.

Frequently Asked Questions from
Our Importers


    Prioritize suppliers with the B2B Verified seal. If the supplier does not have it, request their contacts, investigate their online history, seek reviews from other buyers, and be attentive to their records in their country of origin.


    Our recommendation is to use an intermediary bank for safer international payments and receipts. However, if you have a good history of negotiations and transactions, direct payment to the exporter, as previously agreed, can be a viable option.


    Yes, once you research the exporter's data online, you have the freedom to negotiate through other means. However, you will not have the security and convenience that B2Mexico provides for international operations.

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