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Frequently Asked Questions: I'm a buyer

Frequently Asked Questions: I'm a seller

  • Can B2Brazil assist me if I am unable to find a Buyer online?

    Yes, B2Brazil may be able to find you a buyer offline through its Trade Services, which includes matchmaking services. These trade services also include:

    • Setting up your company
    • Sourcing
    • Verification / Inspection
    • Local Representation
    • Market Analysis & Reports
    • Customs & Logistics
    • Deal Assistance
    • Translation Services
    • Trade Shows

  • What is B2B Verification?

    B2Brazil verifies certain members through its “B2B Verified" service. As a premium service, B2Brazil will verify: (1) that the business is legally registered and active, (2) contact information and (3) company and contact information through various means. Premium Members are automatically entitled to B2B Verification. Sellers who become B2B Verified receive greater confidence of Buyers, increasing their chances of business. For more information, click here.

  • How do I access details of Buyers who have contacted me or who I have found on Leads Central™ and wish to contact?

    Upon finding a potential Buyer via a contact or via Leads Central™, you are required to use a Leads Credit in order to access the Buyer’s contact details. You will need to Log in and can then utilize a Leads Credit (or buy one if you do not have any). Free Members are granted a certain number of Leads Credits per year. Premium Members are granted a significantly higher number of Leads Credits per year. Finally, Premium Plus Members are granted unlimited Leads Credits per year. Your Dashboard area has an area identifying the balance of Leads Credits in your account. If you do not have any Leads Credits and wish to access contact details of a lead or contact, then you may acquire additional Leads Credits by upgrading your membership or by purchasing Leads Credits. For more information, click here.

  • How can I search for, and attract, potential buyers on B2Brazil?

    In order to search for potential buyers, you can Search or Browse Leads Central™, our unique B2B marketplace for Buyers and Sellers. You may also attract buyers by posting a Lead to sell a particular product by clicking here. When B2Brazil receives Leads or communications in your industry, we may send them to you as well. It is important that you state your product preferences so that you will be sent relevant buyer leads.

  • What are the benefits for Premium Members?

    There are two types of Premium Memberships – Premium Members and Premium Plus Members (the highest level of membership). In addition to the Free Member benefits, both Premium Memberships include benefits such as priority listing in results, additional product listings, verification of the member company through the "B2B Verification”, additional access to Leads, support from B2Brazil marketing specialists, banner promotions throughout your category(s) and website. Click here to learn more about our plans.

  • How can my company receive a hotsite?

    After registration, you can then add information about yourself, your company and your products. That information is then translated and published in English and Portuguese through your own website (which we call your “hotsite”). In order to receive a hotsite, you must submit a minimum quantity of content for your company profile and product information. To incentivize our members to add as much content as possible, we prioritize hotsites in results pages within membership type scoring members based on which has the most content (information, images, products, etc.) for presentation on their hotsite. Your hotsite is free, although upgrading from Free Membership to one of our Premium Membership will entitle you to additional content and promotional benefits. Once you have met the minimum content requirements, your company's hotsite will be published and appear in Search and Browse.

  • How long will it take for my account to be activated?

    Once your registration details are submitted, your free account is created and you will receive an automatic e-mail from B2Brazil to validate your e-mail address to activate your account. You can access your account any time.

  • How much does it cost?

    B2Brazil provides Brazil’s largest B2B online marketplace, where SMEs can promote their business free of cost. Free Member benefits include a hotsite translated and distributed in Portuguese and English, up to 5 product listings, award of a certain number of Leads Credits per year to access contacts and leads. Free Members can improve their visibility and business opportunities by upgrading to Premium Membership or by purchasing certain add-ons such as Leads Credits and B2B Verification. The prices of Premium Membership and add-on services appear in the course of online registration and in other sections of the Website.

  • How do I register on B2Brazil?

    You can register to sell on B2Brazil as follows:
    Step 1 - Visit
    Step 2 - On the top left header of the website you will find 'Join Free' link, Click on that link. You will also find promotions to “Join” or “Register” throughout the website.
    Step 3 - Fill in required information
    Step 4 - Click 'Create My Account'
    Note: In order to get a hotsite and then receive contacts and leads from Buyers, you need to access your dashboard and furnish more details like: Company profile, Products you deal in, and your own contact and other information. Your Dashboard page indicates your progress in providing these details

  • How can B2Brazil help me sell my products?

    Brazil is one of the top emerging markets with the 7th largest economy in the world. That said, it is not an easy market for foreign companies to crack. Until now. You need a local partner in order to succeed in Brazil, and B2Brazil is your best partner. If you are looking to sell your products to Brazil, B2Brazil is your gateway. We can help you sell your products in multiple ways, from promoting your company and products through our service, to promoting specific sell leads, to providing personalized support by our trade specialists. To create your company profile with product listings, you need to register your company. For more information, on how to sell via B2Brazil in 3 easy steps, click here. To post sell leads just click here, or visit our Leads Central™ area. To inquire about the trade services we offer, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions: Contact Us

  • Do you have any tips for interacting with other companies on the Internet?

    B2Brazil is focused on facilitating business-to-business contacts, leads and transactions, and making your experience safe and simple. In all transactions, you must make informed business decisions. B2Brazil has developed B2B Safe Practices to consider when interacting with companies. These practices and tips are designed to help you take advantage of B2Brazil to identify business partners as well as resources that can help to make your Internet experience more secure and safe.

  • How can I get more contacts?

    First and foremost, we recommend that you create a detailed hotsite. Most global companies are busy -- they need good information in order to make a decision. They need to feel confident about your business, before they develop a buyer-seller or client-provider relationship with you. So, provide as much information as asked about your company and provide a complete description of your products (including any leads or pricing) and your services. Having a detailed hotsite is the first step towards trade success with B2Brazil. Members with excellent hotsites with a lot of content will receive priority listing within their membership type and thus receive more contacts. The more appealing your info is, the more others will respond. If you want a premium approach to generating more contacts, then upgrade to Premium Membership. For more details, click here.

  • What if the Lead does not result in any reply by the other party or does not result in a sale?

    B2Brazil is the intermediary between you and the Lead poster/sender, and therefore does not warrant or guarantee the viability of the Lead, although part of the reason why members receive a certain number of free Lead Credits is to offset any non-viable Leads. As stated in our Terms of Use,B2Brazil does not refund services fees (including without limitation fees for Leads Credits) except in cases involving fraudulent transactions.

  • How is my Lead Credits balance calculated at the beginning of each 12-month anniversary?

    Each anniversary of your membership, if your account balance of Lead Credits is less than the number of Leads Credits you are entitled to for your type of membership, then B2Brazil will increase your balance by granting a balance up to the number of Leads Credits that you are entitled to.

    If, at that time, your account balance of Leads Credits is greater than the number of Leads Credits you are entitled to for your type of membership, then your balance will continue unchanged and you will not receive any additional Leads Credits from B2Brazil for the coming 12 months period; provided, however, if you do not renew a Premium Membership and downgrade your membership to Free Membership, then your balance will be reduced by any unused Leads Credits that were part of your Premium Membership (excluding any Leads Credits that you purchased independently of your Premium Membership).

    If you renew your Premium Membership, then your balance will increase by the number of Leads credits that are part of the relevant Premium Membership benefits.

  • How do I acquire Leads Credits?

    Depending on the type of membership, all members (even Free Members) are granted a certain number of free Leads Credits upon registration and every 12 months thereafter. The number of free Leads Credits granted to each type of Registered Member appears in the course of online registration of the Website. Upon receiving a Lead, you will be able to see the date it was required and the message, and then you shall have the option of using one of your Leads Credits to access the contact information of the poster of the Lead. If you do not have any Leads Credits remaining, then you may purchase Leads Credits by upgrading your membership or by purchasing a Leads Credit or package of Leads Credits. You must review the requirement description carefully to determine the viability of the opportunity for your business before using a Lead Credit to access the contact details. As you use Leads Credits, they are deducted from your balance first from any Leads Credits purchased, then from your annual allotment depending on type of membership.

  • What is B2Brazil’s Leads Central™ area?

    Leads Central™ allows buyers and sellers to post and respond to business Leads. Posting a Lead is free for both Buyers and Sellers. B2Brazil also adds Leads to Leads Central from other sources such as independent contacts and contacts made to Free Members. Buyers are free to review Leads and replay to sellers. Sellers can also review Leads but require Leads Credits in order to answer and access the contact details of the poster of the lead or sender of the lead.

  • How do I receive a contact from a B2Brazil user and how do I respond?

    Whether a user contacts you through your hotsite, through a Lead post, or through a Lead relevant to your business that is sent by B2Brazil, you will receive an email notification that you have received a contact and the message contents. If you are a Buyer, you can reply directly to the sender. If you are a Seller, you will need to use a Lead Credit from your account to answer to the buyer and access contact details. All members are annually granted a certain number of Lead Credits depending on their type of membership.

  • How can I contact a company through B2Brazil?

    You can contact a company you find on B2Brazil by clicking the “CONTACT” button associated with the company’s presentation on Search or Browse results or within a company’s hotsite. As you browse through Leads, if you are a Buyer, you can contact a Seller by clicking the “CONTACT” button associated with the sell Lead. If you are Seller, you can contact a Buyer by clicking the “CONTACT” button which, after logging in, will require you to use a Lead Credit to access the Buyer’s contact information and send the Buyer a contact. The recipient will receive your communication and be able to respond directly or through our system depending on their type of membership.

Frequently Asked Questions: My Account

  • What is B2Brazil’s privacy policy?

    B2Brazil places the highest priority on online privacy and has developed a Privacy Policy providing B2Brazil's policies and procedures with respect to the collection and use of your personally identifiable information as a user of the website, as well as what choices you have about its use. The Privacy Policy can be accessed by clicking here. If you have any questions concerning this Privacy Policy, please email us at [email protected].

  • What is B2Brazil's Terms of Use?

    Use of B2Brazil by all users and members is subject to B2Brazil's Terms of Use Agreement. The agreement governs your use of the website as well as the information, product and/or service provided by or through B2Brazil on the website. By accessing, browsing and/or using the website, you agree to be bound by all of the terms and conditions of the agreement. The agreement can be accessed by clicking here.

  • What are my benefits if I registered on a B2B Trade Portal website powered by B2Brazil through a partner?

    Members who registered on a B2B Trade Portal site (or similar “private label” site) have done so as clients or members of a B2Brazil partner. The partner’s site utilizes B2Brazil’s technology and support infrastructure, and promotes only the partner’s clients and members. At the same time, such members are also promoted on the B2Brazil Websites together with B2Brazil’s base of members. As provided in the Terms of Use, registration through a partner “private label” site results in membership with B2Brazil, and entitles the member to the same rights and benefits as all other B2Brazil members, with perhaps certain additional benefits afforded as a result of B2Brazil’s partnership.

  • Why should I sign out?

    To keep confidentiality of the account, it is recommended that the user signs out from the account once the work is done on the site.

  • Why my account is disabled/de-activated?

    Your account may be disabled/de-activated if you have violated any terms and conditions or through lack of use. To re-activate your account or any further help on the matter, please contact us at [email protected].

  • I misplaced a contact email; does B2Brazil retain contact messages?

    Yes, B2Brazil retains contact messages and data for up to 12 months. To view your messages, Log in to your account Dashboard. Then click the “Messages” button.

  • I want to modify my registered information.

    To modify your registered member information (i.e. registered company name, email address, etc.), Log in to your Account Dashboard via and click the “Company Profile” drop-down on the top navigation bar. Choose among Company Information, Member Information and Account Settings to edit and save changes you want to make.

  • I want to change my password.

    To change your password, Log in to your account Dashboard via In the left column there is a hyperlink to “Change Password”, otherwise access the “Member Info” area and follow the instructions.

  • I forgot my username/password. How do I retrieve it?

    To make it easier to access your account Dashboard, your username is the email address you registered with. If you forgot your password, go to our login area, enter the same e-mail address that you used for registration and click “forgot your password'”. An e-mail will be sent to you with your password.

  • After I register, what next?

    After you successfully register, you will be taken to your account Dashboard. Your account Dashboard is where you can control all aspects of your membership, your presentation on B2Brazil, and where you can utilize B2Brazil to do business from posting leads, to reviewing leads, to responding to messages. You will have multiple options depending on whether you are a Buyer or Seller, and should start with adding information about yourself, your company and your products (if you are a Seller). The center area in your Dashboard shows your progress in taking advantage of our services. As you complete information about yourself, your company and your products, you will be able to see your progress. You can also track the number of leads you have received and number you have read. Finally, you can read and respond to messages.



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